One of four paintings using hair to represent the elements.
In ‘Fire’ the hair is the flame in red and yellow,
the head is turned away from the heat.

Medium: Emulsion paint on paper
Size: Approx 15″ x 12″

John has been selected as the winner of the James Morrison Cup winner 2012 by the Dundee Art Society.

John will be exhibiting his work in the Dundee Arts Society, Spring exhibition from Saturday 24th March 2012 to Sunday 1st April 2012. Times are 11am to 5pm Mon-Sat, 11am to 3pm on Sunday.

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Dundee Art Society –

One of the earlier works of the ‘6 Faces’.
“When I was young bubbles always had a fascinating form.
As something so beautiful with so many colours,
like a rainbow appeared for such a short period of time,
and then disappeared leaving no trace.”

Medium: Emulsion paint on Board
Size: Approx 3′ x 2′

The first of the ‘6 Faces’ paintings.
John made a collection of six ‘6 Faces’ of the Madonna. An intriguing combination of triangles.
If the triangle is turned, a completely different effect is created, each face can be turned three times.

John changed the face slightly and created another three completely different images giving six.
Eventually John intends to create a painting, giving the appearance of a huge honeycomb.

Medium: Emulsion paint on paper
Size: Approx 12″ x 8″

John will be showing framed prints and Christmas cards with the Largo bay art club at the Lundin links Hotel Beer Festival from Friday 2nd December to Sunday 4th December this week.


An early piece of work.
Using Michelangiolo’s Pieta as the subject.
Painted in three tones of blue (a limited palette) The Madonna is embellished with gold to highlight her importance.
In the Pieta, she is holding the body of Christ.

Medium: Emulsion paint on paper
Size: Approx 15″ x 12″

I Wish I’d Never Seen The Sunshine
I wouldn’t mind the rain.
A line from a Beth Orton song

The left hand side of the painting are sun beams.
The figure is half in the sun, half in the dark.
Rain is falling in the background on the right.
The figure’s eyes are closed, as she never wanted to see the sun.

The song’s interpretation of life, if you never had the good things in life, the bad things would never seem as bad.

Medium: Emulsion paint on board
Size: Approx 3′ x 2′